ImageThe smell of diesel choked her, the engine oil was even worse to wash off. She needed to get squeaky clean immediately before her sensitive skin started to protest. That silly generator picked the wrong time to misbehave. Learning how to service her own power generating plant was a skill she appreciated Malachi her ex-boyfriend teaching her. She had lost her job and had heard about a vacancy at a huge marketing firm, her Laptop battery was flat she needed to send her CV before 3 pm. 

The water was warm just as she liked it; her lavender bath gel knew its job perfectly and it delivered well. She towered at 6 feet, dark-skinned, velvety smooth skin engulfed in lather just like dark chocolate under cream. The shower was on medium speed; her palms resting on the walls of the shower. Her feet made small circles on the wet floor tiles. The running water ran through her hair, tickling her scalp. Tears mixed with water and lather. She didn’t hear Canada bark. He barked again, this time louder and fiercer. He was at the door; his silhouette graced her frosted glass bath door. She didn’t see him; she was too upset to notice. Canada barked again… this time she heard, and spun around swiftly. The bath door was ajar; she caught a glimpse of his silhouette. “Stop! Who is there? Don’t come in. I am not wearing anything”, she asked rather feebly It was too late. He was in She frantically tried to cover her privates with her hands. The towel was too far to reach now. He was a god; he towered taller than she did. He stared, he just stared Was he Mad! Didn’t he know she was naked? “Get Out!” She screamed and barked out orders. He just stared. Then she looked into his eyes. She saw… They were made off glass, crystal clear glass as if he wanted her to look into his soul. His skin was leathery and wrinkled around the four sense organs sitting on the human face. Then he spoke, his lips moved. The words didn’t come out but she understood them. They communicated in ways only the celestial would and should understand. He told her. She listened. She smiled. She wept Her knees bent, they kissed the wet floor tiles…Then she realized that he wasn’t really there She laughed. AN IDEA Ideas just show up whenever, wherever, however… They are RUDE VISITORS.



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