Three Ijesha Men (Episode 2)

Episode 2: Secrets

With my burden I begin:
Lord, remove this load of sin;
Let thy blood, for sinners spill
Set my conscience free from guilt

Reverend Mother, Francesca Zakure hated clutter and dirt; and clearing out the Convent now and then was almost out of routine rather than a duty and the sisters struggled to stifle a grumble every now and then at the incessant house cleaning activities.
Sister Marie-Claire, on the contrary found it amusing seeing her shove the poor sisters around and being second-in-command to her, she had to ensure instructions were carried out to the letter. At the end of morning mass, everyone knew it was that time of the week where they would have to scrub and polish the already clean environment, but Mother Francesca was the gentle-spirited, Continue reading