Wrath (Ira)

Heey fam, I am so sorry i have not been able to complete the ‘THREE IJESHA MEN’ series. i will definitely finish it before the end of this week. Nonetheless, I have been quite busy writing in other capacities. Please drop your comments.

Ekoñ Ñke

William Congreve said, heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. Grab a bite,sit comfortably,and enjoy beef by Anosime (@AnosimeI)

He was new, but the street was not. Five years had gone since he last set foot on these streets. He had expected a couple of well-wishers and familiar faces around him but this little girl staring at him with a plastic blue ball in her hands standing in front of him was the only crowd he got. He smiled feebly at her but she only continued staring blankly at him.
Ekene has bigger fish to fry as he searched for any sign of life in Uloma’s house. At last he heard a door slam in the house, there must be someone in there. He had called her on the phone before getting here so he expected her at the…

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